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Vehicles can be found all over the map, sometimes in the strangest of locations. Each restart, around 100 vehicles are randomly spawned at one of ~2000 points in the map. This includes cars, bikes, boats, planes and helicopters. Some vehicles are more rare than others, for instance the BF Injection has a 100% chance to spawn whereas the Hunter attack helicopter has a 1% chance to spawn.

Some vehicles only spawn at certain points, for instance helipads only spawn helicopters and military vehicles are only found in military areas such as Area 69 and the Easter Basin Naval Dock.



Trunk Interface.

Most vehicles have a trunk that can store items in it. There is no item size limit for vehicle trunks, and the amount of item slots varies by vehicle. For instance a small car will have a trunk size of 12 slots, whereas a large truck would have a trunk size of 16 or more, the largest trunk size is 24 (which may be upgraded to 64 for very large vehicles).


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